We were seduce by Ridley's Games Room due to the geometrical patterns combined with the games’ bright colours. Their hyptonic and graphic effect take its inspiration from each game. The chess and draughts box wears a cubic pattern, without reminding us the three-dimension checked pattern. The backgammon box and its triangle pattern takes its inspiration from the famous board game and its high isosceles triangles. The other boxes also have their own pattern that fit into the game’ spirit. 


The packaging are made in cardboard roll and set in a contrast by shiny and smooth labels. The gold leaf in the icon presenting the game seduced us. The games are very light and practical to carry and handle. The poker set however is heavier with its 2,6kg, due to the token’s weight (11,5g) that matches the official weight (they are as heavy as the token you can find in casinos). These games come instructions, sometimes printed in the inside of the lid, other times printed in a folded paper. 


These hobbies carefully decorated are made to be displayed. Forget the time when you were ashamed of your board games due to its awful packaging ! For now, enjoy the classic board games with friends and family thanks to these modern objects but beware, they can be very competitive !

May the best person win !