The edition company U shift chose Fleux’ to home its original French launching.

On the Tuesday 17th of June 2014, the art director, Matt Karr arrived straight from Canada to presents the new edition company, its artistic line and its design object catalog.

A corner and a showcase are fully dedicated to this simple and smart designed collection. Decanters, bottle openers or chairs, the simplest everyday objects are redesigned for a clever use and definitively become decorative objects. Discover the U Shift collection on the website!



Vitrine Umbra Shift

U shift revisits the design world’s roots by collaborating with an internal pool of designers. Some of them are rising in the profession and the other are already established, they all share the same passion with U shift: to rethink everything by conceiving personal objects that they would like to offer or possess at home. The collection resulting express many point of view, while reflecting functional, friendly and visionary ideas.

Umbra Shift