These bow ties designed by Two Guys Bow Ties, will make you stand out with elegance and in a nonconformist way.

The designers Adam Teague and Tim Paslay, who created the brand, reinvented the bow tie and impacted the industry. With the desire to renew this accessory’s image, the duo designed the object using wood and fabric in order to combine traditional craft and modern fashion. This unique and handmade bow tie can be worn at all times and for all occasions. 

The Two Guys Bow Ties objects are made from a rare exotic wood selection from all around the world. You will find their african zebra wood, peruvian walnut, bocote exotic wood and more in their selection. These materials are cut, sanded, polished and shined to assure a long-term quality. To bring the finishing touch, a piece of fabric is stitched around the bow, in cotton or silk. The wide range of bow ties is the promise that everyone can wear an accessory that he likes.

Fleux’ also shares the same love for the expertise, the creation and the innovation, and it is with pleasure to offer you a wide range of these fine and timeless products. They are available in our website and our stores. A perfect gift to offer!