Plat à gâteau et à confiserie

« The Wonder 500 », endorsed by the japanese government, is a project from the « Cool Japan » program which stimulate local creative companies aboard. 500 rare products have been select by 30 experts in the fashion and design industry to cross the country’s borders and find their way to Fleux’. In France, 219 objects are display and split into three categories : tourism, arts & crafts and gastronomy. 


The country owns several hand-crafted products that aren’t really known yet on a global scale. From the 47 prefectures of the archipelago, the objects were first displayed during the Paris Design Week which took place from 5th to 12th September, 2015. By will to contribute to this event, Fleux’ 2 (52 rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie) welcome these unique objects and display them until 31st January 2016. Also offer for sale, these various objects with a clever design will seduce you. 

Encens en forme de pin, de bambou et de prune

Reflecting japanese designers’ values, these objects were made to be environmentally-friendly. Combining intelleligence with design, immutability with change, The Wonder 500 makes us discover japanese culture and its creative industry while offering us to live a brand new experience. 

Papier métallique en étain
Boîte à mesure
Lampe phare