Pictorial trend that appeared in the 50’s, the kinetic lights up many objects and accessories. Between optical illusion and art inspirations, this design selection with an ultra-graphic look is available at Fleux’. 

If kinetic patterns are inevitably linked to the History of art, it is because they are reffering to movements that combine timelessness, abstract languages and powerful graphism. The main interest brands and designers both have when it comes to this type of ornament seems to be the aesthetics aspect, as testified by Trine Andersen - designer and founder of Ferm Living – through her graphic creations. 

From a circle shaped tray, to a cutting board or a set of coffee mugs, the young danish realizes a design directly inspired by the Op Art : from Vasarely to Julio Le Parc, artists of the movement continue to inspire contemporary creators. The goal ? To enhance a simple object and give it a movement or a three-dimension plastic effects.

The Basilica mugs collection is also inspired by this kinetic trend and opens the door for the all-over silk-screened which evolve to the abstraction. With its black and white vibe, the range invades the housing as a firmly trendy tableware ; and the colour can also be a part of it as testified by these geometrical cushions or these Ridley’s game boxes.