Screen, a versatile pendant light


Let yourself be inspired by these interpretations of the Screen pendant light... By this sculptural creation, combining contemporary silhouette and openwork volume. Between minimalist and mismatched influences, the luminaire is easily deployed in your home around a soothing atmosphere.

Imagined with a mobile look, the Screen pendant llight stands out as a sculptural creation, structured around ten cane screens edged with fabric. With a resolutely contemporary silhouette, it introduces an unprecedented volume into your interior.
This aerial luminaire with Asian influences is distinguished by its diffused light. An openwork, almost honeycomb effect, leads to a soft and soothing atmosphere. By revisiting traditional techniques and materials of craftsmanship, this luminaire brings a real natural and graphic dimension to your interior.
Sometimes minimalist, sometimes mismatched, the suspension is deployed around various universes. Light on the multiple ways of declining it from the living room to the kitchen...

A particularly versatile luminaire
Minimalist team

The light figures composing the Screen pendant light blend perfectly with a clean interior, where each object makes sense, where the volumes are graphic and the materials refined. It mixes perfectly with architectural curly wool armchairs, solid wood pieces, authentic woven chairs, shelves with wired lines, black furniture with more masculine accents in sand and cream tones... It introduces a new identity to this composition, as elaborate as twirling. Between natural cane materials and more contemporary black edges, it offers a balance of taste and elegance with serene lighting.
An unprecedented volume for this alveolar suspension
Mismatched team

Addressing just as much to enthusiasts of flea markets and of vintage designer pieces, the Screen pendant light can also play the vintage card. From its authentic caning work, it nicely echoes the weaving of the Marcel Breuer chairs as a composition of various bistro chairs. It stands out against a wallpaper with art deco accents and almost overshadows a fireplace and moldings of their time. The result is an eclectic atmosphere, in warm hues, between green, old pink and blue, with an arty, colorful spirit, in a joyful and vibrant mix of genres.