Last week-end, Jesus Sauvage organized her first parisian workshops in Fleux’ stores. On the agenda : DIY sessions to learn how to weave and realize astonishing wall decorations !

Wool, cotton, weaving loom and a friendly spirit were the ingredients of the DIY sessions organized by Jesus Sauvage at Fleux’. With smile and creativity, the trendsetter have initiate the participants into the basics of weaving to create customized and unique wall decorations. Combining colours and materials, every creations expressed great visual effects : between geometrical and asymmetrical weaving, the trend was at its peak ! 

As for Jesus Sauvage, she let you some surprises… For Fleux’ only, a handful of unique handmade pieces realized by the creator is available in our e-shop ! Perfect to assert a neo-folk and cocooning spirit into your interior !