Rendezvous with love


There is always a good reason to celebrate love and passion, let us not deny ouselves for Valentine's Day. Every year, on 14 February, we make a small effort and remind "our half" how much we love him / her ! 

Love is on the horizon... Between stolen kisses, words and gestures tenderness, we are full of love and only love. In all its forms, towards a lover, a friend, a parent, ... we are saying love note to each other and renewed beautiful attentions ! For each person dear to the heart, we spread some romanticism, mawkishness, pink, red, beautiful illustrations of our links.

Pantone travel mug

On Valentine's Day, you would like to prepare the most beautiful meal for your lover. The opportunity to sparkly in the kitchen by preparing stunning dishes. Starter, main course and dessert, cocktail, here is a selection of products which will help you to realize a meal worthy of the best chefs.
Ripple Glasses
Ceramic Pastel Plate

For you, an intimate evening is better than a night out with the whole word. Here are our four key tips for getting organized:

1. Set the scene: Subdued light and plenty of candles!
2. Once the atmosphere is given, it is now necessary to animate it with music. Connect your speakers and put your most romantic playlist...
3. Have fun playing games ! Prepare pledges for the loser, the choice is yours !
4. Spend a relaxing moment between lovers : what could be better than a bath for two like "Pretty Woman"?
4. Watch a movie : this year, no choice to make the film come to you ! Make your selection among the great classics... Comfortably installed on your sofa or in your bed huddle together, let you be gently rocked by a movie you both like or choose one you have never seen before !
You're Awesome Fragrance diffuser
Pink Light Bulb Mon Amour

Play the surprise card and prepare a Valentine's Day kit for your partner ! Love notes, chocolates, flowers, a Fleux gift cards... Nothing is too good for the ones we love !
Heart Greetings card
Love is power Puzzle

Galantine's Day, is the opportunity to tell your close friends that your love them, to tell them how important they are to us, spend time with them, and maybe even offer special gifts. It is just an excuse, but it can help make life more beautiful ! If you want to send love to your friends, sisters, cousins, women in your family, this is your chance !
Anti Asshole Candle
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