"New Year, New Me"


The New Year’s greetings done, we wake up from this bubble of festivities. The fateful moment of the assessment of the past year has now come and we are faced with the resolutions left behind in the rollercoaster that was 2020. What if we embarked on a different ride this year? Why don't we just let go of all the drastic programs?

2020 is finally over. (Finally!) And at the very beginning of 2021, it is high time to draw up a list of good resolutions that will keep us alive throughout the coming year.

Here are a few suggestions that we would like to share! And as it all starts with a little push, we have put together a selection of products that will be useful for you to achieve your goals! Now that you have all the cards in hand, 3...2...1... Let’s go for 2021!

Plaid Knut Safran
Socks Tapis de yoga Mauve

For those who want to do a digital detox!

We switch to off mode: our best enemies aka social networks will no longer have our skin. In January, we reconnect with simple pleasures. A 1000 piece puzzle, a kit of cyanotype or aqua culture to adopt the vegetal, a novel that we corne coiled under a soft plaid with a cup of tea, a candle... We are in the starting blocks to face and enjoy these great moments of winter where slow living reigns.

Puzzle London Paris Bruxelles
Sleep regulator Morphée
Yoga positions cards

For those who want to go on a pleasure cure!

We want to feel good: well-being yes, kombucha diet, dry January, fitness program in 45 days, the four-pin draw no. Refocus on your breath, your body, your mind step by step. Yoga positions to start, a diffuser of essential oils, a cookbook and green and solid cosmetics later allow us to go fun and detox neither seen nor known.

Unbottled soap
Plant Box
Crate Hay

For those who want clarity!

We clean out the bad vibes, we create the emptiness, we write on paper for the old school side, and decide what has its place at home and in our life. We weigh the pros and, above all, the cons. We gradually chase the bad waves, we get rid of the superfluous that suffocates us, and prevent us from seeing the corner of the blue sky. We put away our little papers to clear the space and the mind to refocus on the essentials and what boosts us to move forward, confident.

Layer Caramel Coffee Box
Insulated bottle Emma Bridgewater
Reusable Food Packaging

For those who want to go green!

We combine flow and slow: by taking stock of our year, the do’s, don’t’s, we welcome these more responsible little nothings that we have been able to achieve in recent months. We give ourselves new objectives, on its scale, with reusable bottles, products made ourselves, guaranteed zero waste, respect for the seasons. We slow down, we focus on the present for the future, we live little by little in harmony with the rhythm of nature.

Set of 6 multicolored straws
Yoga Baya mat
Poster Positions Yoga

For those who want to get (back) into fitness!

"This year, it’s decided: I’m back to working out!". How to resume sport without pressure and especially, without dropping your sneakers after a few sessions? Here are some tips to help us stay motivated.

1. Pair up with a friend. Training with someone you have a good feeling with is a good motivator.

2. Choose your sport well. Choose it according to your personal tastes and personality. Solo activities, team sports, group lessons, water sports, combat sports?

3. And if nothing else motivates you except a nice yoga mat and its matching cushion, who are we to judge?

Yoga Baya mat
Botanopia Fertilizer
Gold mister

For those who would like to have green fingers!

For beginners, and those who are just starting to grow their green fingers, here are our tips for watering, locating and multiplying your green plants. Careful, it will grow!

1. Feed your plants: Most plants prefer to be watered from below. To boost their growth, add fertilizer to the watering water, especially in spring and summer, vegetative seasons.

2. Choose the perfect location: Watch the sun move around your home and choose your plants based on sun and shade, humidity and temperature.

3. Proper growing conditions: When repotting, take a pot not too big, but just a size above. Mix some soil with some gravel.

Cyanotype Kit
Coloring book
DIY Wall Decoration

For those who would like to discover their artistic side!

You secretly dream of becoming an artist but your level of drawing and painting hasn’t changed since college?

Bring a coloring book, origami DIY kits, or a simple notebook and let your Leonardo da Vinci pop out!

Origami Trophy


Odyssée rétro-futuriste

Bienvenue à bord d’un voyage expérimental, déconcertant. Au cœur d’une bulle tout de pastel aux allures de bubble-gum, pénétrez dans un univers éclectique, à la dimension onirique, presque psychédélique...


Comment bien choisir son luminaire ?

L’hiver et sa baisse de luminosité s’étant bels et bien installés, voici nos règles d’or pour bien choisir ses luminaires ! Ces modèles phares donnent l’occasion à votre intérieur de retrouver l’ambiance claire et chaleureuse essentielle à la saison...


Terres d'expression

Prenant à contre-pied un quotidien marqué d’ornements, d'enjolivements, on en revient à la terre. S’aventurant dans un retour aux sources, vers une matière plus brute, maniée dans un esprit tantôt graphique, tantôt muséal, on introduit une atmosphère d’atelier d’artiste chez soi