The neo-scandinavian trend won’t disappear anytime soon ! For some time, designers play the reissuing card to bring iconic and timeless creations up to date. 

Emerged in the 30’s under the modernism era, the scandinavian design bets on an contemporary aesthetics as for now. Still marked by an obvious functionnality and simplicity, the nordic style continues to influence our interiors and affirms itself as a neo-scandinavian trend. 

Created in 1939, the famous “Station Table” alarm clock by danish designer and architect Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) demonstrates a silhouette with nice curves and golden details. Its reissuing testifies of a touch of modernity highlighted by trendy colours with a retro style. 

Likewise, the neo-scandinavian trend tackles the furnitures with a large choice of materials : marble, rough wood, metal… Adaptable pieces of furniture and tables of every kind allow creativity and space customization thanks to a personalized arrangement, and consider the style requirements for your interior. 

The revival of the scandinavian trend is also represented by constantly evolving collections, in particular for brands that based their reputation on this motto :  GubiMuutoAnd TraditionNormann Copenhagen or Ferm Living… They distinguish themselves by an authentic elegance that fits into the contemporary home and creates a warm and friendly atmosphere, sometimes graphic and often sophisticated.

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