Coming all the way from the 70’s in New York, the neo-industrial establishes itself one step at a time as an inescapable trend. Sophisticated and with a strong personnality, it seduces by its use of rough materials and its timeless style. 

The neo-industrial imposed itself into the interior design’s landscape. Originally from the 70’s in the United States (when old warehouse were invade by artists), it is in 1980 that Europe adopted the trend, as testified by Wapping district in London, where old factories have been transformed into industrial-styled lofts.

Marked by a singular architecture, the industrial era’s aesthetics seduce. Wall with exposed bricks , steel frameworks and girders fit into the decoration and lay the foundations of this style which encourages to create, for there are many open spaces to invest.

The eclectism of the furniture and materials that can be used, sublimate this  decoration. By using rough and metallic materials, the industrial style distinguishes itself by its strong vintage vibe : wood, iron, steel and leather set the tone and make the charm of this interior look. 

The combinations are infinite and the graphic aesthetics is essential : as testified by the Quake shelf in oak and metal by ENO Studio or the Tray desk from the brand House Doctor. The lighting make also the charm of this design, such as the Fram collection and the Unfold ceiling lights by Muuto, that remind the silhouette of the factory spotlights. For an original effect, this contemporary adjustable chandelier by Seletti also seduces the more ambitious interiors. For the accessories, we rely on these hangers or the iconic metal letters that will bring the final touch to your industrial-styled interior. 

With a strong personnality and offering several possibilities, the neo-industrial trend enhances and galvanise the habitat by its unusual and elegant appearance. A style to shop in our e-shop !