Marble have a surprising comeback in our insides this season!

Its cold and outdated look let it abandoned by the editing companies, but marble is back in decoration for our pleasure.

Artist and Designers took off the dust, by playing with its shapes, uses and by declination  on every material.

Contrasting it with neutral and natural materials will reveal the marble nobility and beautify the design pieces. 

Table Fly by And Tradition

 Marble Fly by &Tradition

Craft Mill by Normann Copenhagen

Pepper and Salt Craft Mill By Normann Copenhagen

Marble Clock by Menu

 Marble Clock verte by Menu

Marble clock by Menu


Coque Iphone en marbre

Coussin Marbre by Ferm Living

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Culture : Influenced by the Greek culture, marble was considered as precious in antic Roma. In 1664, Louis XIV used the most expensive and the most beautiful materials in the kingdom to make build Versailles. The king’s superintendent Colbert had checked all the kingdom’s lost or unknown marble quarries in the Pyrenees, Languedoc or Provence to find all the shades of marble which made the success of French quarries.