Following its innovative fibre, Fatboy suggests to spend the summer 2016 with the Lamzac Hangout footstool. The concept ? An outdoor piece of furniture easy to use that might as well be your new favourite mate. 

An optimal comfort, a basic design and a light silhouette : those words define the new Lamzac® The Original by Fatboy. Comes in a range of seven exclusive colours, this giant inflatable footstool reinvents the outdoor furniture’s industry. Packed in a backpack at first, it inflates and catches air in a few mouvements to take the form of an outdoor and summery chair ! Perfect to have a relaxing area for every summer activities : concerts, festivals, camping or travels… The Lamzac® The Original by Fatboy is mobile and practical for the urban lifestyle, dynamic and representative of the modern society. And with summer just around the corner, it is a fantastic news ! 

Find the Lamzac® The Original by Fatboy in all of its colours in our e-shop : blue aqua, fuschia, black, red, green, purple and olive green.