Fleux’ celebrates spring with Kokedama, a refined vegetal art from Japan.

Kokedama chez Fleux'

What is it?

Kokedamas are unique vegetal compositions, reflect of a Japanese know-how sensitive and refined. Authentic vegetal art, these creations offers modernity and sophistication for inside and outside decoration with a new way for the nature to introduce in our homes.

These delicate plants are composed of a soil sphere covered with moss within a plant is growing, beautified by this pared down presentation.


A bit of History

Kokedamas appeared in japan in the early 90’s. They are based on an ancestral technic legacy, “neirai” a common composition during the EDO Japanese era (17th to 19th century).  From the improvement of this technic came the creation of the Kokedama, following these vegetal traditions to make subtle and organized compositions, but with a pared down presentation.