In their showroom based in the Petites Ecuries district in Paris, we have met Elvire and Marie-Cerise, the two founders of the OMY brand. Wall frescos, posters or postcards : their colouring creations establish themselves as an innovative concept that seduces the entire family. Today, they tell us about their story, their collabs and projects. 

How was OMY born?

Marie-Cerise :  Elvire and I met at the Arts Déco and we work together since a long time. OMY was born three years ago when we both worked in a graphism studio. One day, we wanted to develop our own project of graphic product with the idea to enjoy ourselves first and foremost. 

Elvire : The idea was to offer colourful and graphic decorative products for all. Quickly, we launched our e-shop and participated at the Maison & Object exhibition which brought us a real visibility. This experience made us known and we went from an « hand-crafted » stage to an industrial production ! 

How do you explain the success of OMY ?

Marie-Cerise : From the first giant colouring object that we created, there was a major enthusiasm. Slowly, we had to adapt our creations to a more « business-like » format in order to make the mass production easier and the points of sale like Fleux’ quickly multiplied.

Elvire : It is also a success because the product we are offering didn’t exist at the time ; we already knew posters but not colouring products to hang into a wall. From this concept, we created nice, graphic and decorative drawings in several sizes and formats : frescos, posters, postcards, etc. 

In autumn 2015, you have collaborated with Fleux’ to create the Zwicky The Cat poster. What were your inspirations for this project ?

Marie-Cerise :  It is a very inspiring theme and we started from the idea of incorporating the cat figure, Zwicky’s, into fantastic sceneries. We also discussed a lot about our ideas with Fleux’, and choosed to create an all-over into a landscape full of various plants, combined with playful typographies. 

From children to adults, your fun universe seduces the entire family. Is it a choice of yours ?

Elvire : OMY is for every age but we effectively started with colouring objects for children. Our identity is still marked by a fun and playful style but it doesn’t limit us to offer other creations for adults.

Marie-Cerise : It is the case of the « City » collection, where we represent cities, such as Paris, New York or London through a creative spirit. In the studio, there is a real background work on the city’ specifities because we care about the idea of spreading a message or learning something through a fun and pleasant angle. 

Your notoriety and creativity permitted you to invade institutions such as the Centre Pompidou or the Grand Palais, via creative sessions for children. What memories do you keep of these experiences ?

Marie-Cerise : When the Centre Pompidou reached for us, this brought us a certain legitimacy and put us into the cultural and artistic scene, which rejoin our creative approach.

Elvire : The collaboration with museums is very fulfilling for OMY, and opened new horizons for us. For exemple, we created Jeff Koons and Keith Haring colouring posters, available at the Centre Pompidou and the MoMA in New York. 

In the digital age, you succeeded at reintroducing a playful activity by bringing it up to date. Is the digital media a part of your projects ?

Marie-Cerise : Since the beginning, we want for OMY to be a real brand of enjoyable life products to compose with, and still keep its creativity. Inevitably, the digital could be an extension of the paper experience.

Elvire :  Yes, we can’t miss out on the digital. We think about it a lot actually, and as we are inspired by the everyday life, the digital is of course an essential aspect to consider and with which we need to create. 

If you were Zwicky, what would you do in the store after the closing ?

Marie-Cerise :  I think I would invite my cat friends to bask in the cushions !

Elvire :  I would test every comfortable item and break the silence with a karaoke between kitty-friends.

If you would have to define the word Fleux’, what would it be ?

Marie-Cerise :  Design, eclectism and choice.

Elvire : The 4 elements : air, fire, water and earth.

If you were…

An object ?

Marie-Cerise : A pen !

Elvire :  A chair because you can talk, eat, rest and read in it… and it is one of my favourite designers’ piece of furniture.

An animal ? 

Marie-Cerise :  A panther for its flexibility !

Elvire :  A bird in the Amazon rainforest. 

A city ?

Marie-Cerise :  A southern town where the sun shines, that is for sure !

Elvire : Paris, I can’t get rid of it.

A font ?

Marie-Cerise : Garamond, which represent my classic side.

Elvire : Helvetica which works in every computer.

A famous artist ?

Marie-Cerise : Quino, the Mafalda illustrator !

Elvire : Madonna, for her longevity.