Internationally known in the design area, the danish brand Gubi founded in 1967 highlights creations with an astonishing and elegant design. Timeless, find all Gubi’s furnitures in Paris at Fleux’ !

Created in 1967 by Lisbeth and Olsen Gubi, the danish brand selects quality products with an innovative aspect and a gorgeous style. Therefore, Gubi thinks and creates groundbreaking and functional objects, which fascinate by their undeniable charm. 

Both understated and bold, the iconic pieces of furniture from the 30’s to the 70’s republished by Gubi distinguish themselves by a strong aesthetics which enhance the contemporary interior. With an uncluttered and chic design, the scandinavian house establishes herself as the ambassador of nordic design in the world’s creative scene, by offering exceptional furniture.

Her creative path aims to mix styles and materials for a surprising and sophisticated result. The collection of Beetle chairs which combines velvet, metal and brass, distinguish itself by a delicate silhouette and a wide range of colours that give it a style inspired by insects. Gubi seizes precious materials as testified by the TS tables which offer multiple marble trays (Bianco Carrara, Nero Marquina, Verde Guatemala or Marrone Emperador) for a minimalist and graphic decoration.

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