Handcraft, know-how and Japanese innovation at Fleux’!

 What is “The Wonder 500”?

The Wonder 500 is a part of the “Cool Japan” Program of the METI which promotes the Japanese creative industries culture worldwide

 The team of “The Wonder 500” has carefully selected 500 small but serious and talented Japanese craftsmen, and offered to them the possibility to get known all around the globe including in France.

The Wonder 500 has chosen Fleux’ to expose Japanese handcrafted objects with their international and trend setting collection.

Exposition The Wonder 500 - 2

Fleux' & The Wonder 500  

Wishing to share this ambitious and hopeful project, Fleux’ installed a line of product labeled the “The Wonder 500” in the Glass Box in the back of the 3rd shop. .

These objects straight from Japan are displayed for a week: from 5 to 12 of September 2015. You will see products like a knife shaped like whale, a cast iron teapot, a wooden chair a toolbox , a vase, a paper light shaped like a bird…etc

Expo The wonder 500 4

Expo The wonder 500 4

Expo The Wonder 500 6

Expo The Wonder 500 8

Expo The Wonder 500 10

These exceptional products of a rare quality  are sold on order only because of their rareness and exclusivity.

Expo The Wonder 500 7

To discover all the products, aliments and trip experience in Japan selected by the team of “The Wonder 500 “ you can simply go on their official website :   https://thewonder500.com/