Fleux’ : 10 years of happiness, exchange and liberty !

A little history 

The name Fleux’ was born from the contraction of the words “Superfluous” and “Luxury”: the luxury of freedom and the irony of the superfluous. Because Fleux’ is a project with a strong determination: an open selection which is spontaneous, visionary and trendsetter!

Born in 2005 from the meeting of 2 trendy men ( Luc Moulin (Architect) and Gaetan Aucher: (Floral Designer)) who have  a common passion for Design, Art, Nature and strong shared values like simplicity, generosity and going toward the other. So it is in a natural way, that they founded together a place of life and exchange, a place to discover new talents, between Lifestyle and Design. Their wish is to create an elegant universe, enriched by a dreamlike atmosphere founded on travels, readings, discoveries and their relation with nature.

In that way Fleux’ is a home, a state of mind and a brand powered by Curiosity and Poetry. This constant emulation attracts French and international visitors every day for a peculiar experience making Fleux’ the ambassador of a uninhibited way of life, an art de vivre inspired and inspiring on a daily basis, eclectic and logical… During this unique experience the visitor become spectator and actor of a story told by the selection, like a route of feelings and sensations. 


10 Years Fleux' - 10 Collaborations !

For its 10th anniversary Fleux’ invites 10 Design Actors to celebrate by realizing exclusive editions!

Lampe Jieldé 10 ans Fleux 

Each edition is the result of a close collaboration between Fleux' and the designer, illustrating their relationship, mixing up common values and histories, to give birth to unique creations in the colors of Fleux'

Console Diva 10 ans Fleux

These limited editions has been made around common directive lines given by Fleux' to evoke 10 "must have": 

9 colors : Rose «Tadelakt Marrakech», Rouge Sable «Red Beach» of Greece , Roussillon Ochre , 
Highlands’ Mist Green, Vezelay Fern Green ,Pine Island Green , Pebble Blue of Ré lighthouse , Copenhague Sea Blue , Prussian Blue.

1 pattern: wood grain, refined and delicate at the same time.

At last it is naturally that our mascot Zwicky the Cat has been included in the 10th anniversary project.

Coussin Zwicky 10 ans Fleux 

This collaboration gave birth to some singular pieces, come have a look, by clicking here