For the first time in France, Normann Copenhagen presents exclusively at Fleux’ its stationery collection : « Daily Fiction ». 

In a summery mood, Normann Copenhagen choosed Fleux’ to do an exclusive display (in their stores and for a year) of « Daily Fiction » : a unique stationery collection of more than 200 objects made to be used daily. Focus. 

Notebooks, pens, scissors, wrapping paper or stickers… Between art and fashion, it is a playful and conceptual universe that is enhanced by terrazzo and abstract patterns. Made in collaboration with the danish design studio Femmes Régionales, these accessories come together by finishing touches and additional textures which give them a summery and visual identity. 

Real ode to the art de vivre and the creativity, the Daily Fiction collection by Normann Copenhagen highlights a pop and colourful trend, with pastel colours and graphic patterns. Following its contemporary and timeless spirit, the scandinavian design studio reveals a dynamic aesthetics which invites to collect and multiply different objects and sizes, for a unique selection. From an accessory to another, we move from a gracious and plain tint (fresh or solar) to a sober and metallic finishing touch ; the notebooks are gently bind, pens very well elaborated. It will give you the urge to handwrite again !

The Daily Fiction collection by Normann Copenhagen can be found exclusively in Fleux’ stores from 24th May 2016.