Merci Raymond and Brocante Lab work together to offer a unique decorative object combining plants and vintage style for Fleux’. 

The french collective that means to revegetated the urban areas, and the furniture and second-hand decoration label online release a collaboration that sums up their encounter : ambitious, fresh and green-friendly, called « Mon flacon a la main verte » (aka « My bottle has green fingers »). 

Initiate in december 2015, their meeting transformed into an obvious collaboration : both passionate by commons values and seduce by their concept, Merci Raymond and Brocante Lab open together a new creative chapter.

The idea is simple but daring : to unite both universe into the same groundbreaking object. From that idea was born « My bottle has green fingers » that allows a beautiful plant to grow within a pharmacist jar, main symbol of vintage decoration.

Four different plants varieties have been choosen to bring quality and eclectism to the final products : the rhipsalis cassutha (hanging plant), the muehlenbeckia complexa (creeping plant), the codiaeum variegatum (coloured plant) and the asparagus setaceus plumosus (green plant). 

With these unique and eclectic plants, the Merci Raymond x Brocante Lab collaboration places itself into an original and green initiative. 

Limited edition and specially created for Fleux’, these eco-friendly bottles seduce by a successful association of the two start-up’s own universe : vintage and touch of green are the two main assets of these unique creations. Real link between the in and outdoor, these vegetated jars potted by the Merci Raymond’s artist-gardeners perfectly fit into our everyday life and distinguish themselves by their unique decorative asset.

Find the « My bottle has green fingers » collection by Merci Raymond and Brocante Lab exclusively in our Fleux’ stores !