Coming all the way from the Netherlands, the Air Planting is an iconoclastic creation that renew the indoor plant scenery. Between design and nature, Carolijne Slottje tell us about the origins of it and share her inspirations. 

How did the idea of Air Planting come to you?

Carolijn Slottje: Looking for different ways to use plants in our everyday indoor environment I discovered that some plants don’t need soil. And instead of roots they have developed a special leave structure to feed from air humidity. Designing a special net to support the air plants would make it possible for them to be air planted. Controlling the shape of the net metal wire turned out to be the material to work with.

What advice would you give about a great scenography of Air Planting?

Carolijn Slottje: I visualize them gathered, as displayed in a floating jungle or a big cloud of flying plants.

Why did you choose the Tillandsia as plant?

Carolijn Slottje: According to me, using plants in your indoor environment makes us feel good and reduces stress. Tillandsia’s also function as an indicator of air quality. If your indoor air contains a healthy amount of oxygen and contains a pleasant amount of humidity for us people, the Tillandsia’s will also thrive. Moreover, Tillandsia is a species of more than 200 various plants. On their own they are just little rootless plants, but combining different variations in one design makes the plant interesting.  

What are your main inspirations ?

Carolijn Slottje: Nature and human behavior both inspire me, especially combining the two. But particularly city dwellers struggle to bring back nature into their indoor spaces. Trying to find ways to design with nature, using the special powers of plants is a fun rewarding thing to do.

How could you describe your studio based in Netherlands ?

Carolijn Slottje: I work in an old building where more creative studio’s are based. We inspire and help each other although we create totally different things. My workspace looks like a typical creative space with lots of strange things and of course many of plants!

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