Fleux’ suggests a selection of objects inspired by cabinets of curiosities whose appeared in Europe during the XVIe century, as this trend resurfaces  into our interiors. 

Fascinating for some, odd for others : the reputation of the cabinets of curiosities (also known as wonder rooms) has always been spread through a certain taste for the previously unseen. Originally, this group of varied objects mainly come from the idea of collecting things. However, it also highlights a passion that appeared during the Renaissance and which resurfaces into our contemporary interiors.

Through thematics close to natural sciences such as biology or anatomy, the wonder rooms’ patterns can be found in everyday life objects’ design : a beetle decorates a trinket-bowl while a bugs collection offers a trompe-l’œil effect for this set of mini-glasses.

The XVIe aesthetics, reminding of the illustration or the engraving of this era, is also strongly marked on these modern accessories. For exemple, the set of coasters « Biology » retakes the idea of a fragmented anatomical board, and adds sketches of human parts – skeleton, organs – such as a transversal head-cut.

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