To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we wanted to thank our business partners, customers and friends for their support and fidelity during these 10 years! On the 5th of September, during the Paris Design Week, in our 4 stores more than 700 curious and jolly guests gathered to celebrate! They all enjoyed walking around the 4 spaces, each having a different ambiance set with 2 different food and drink corners.

Many of them started at the Fleux’1 where they could find an Italian “Dolce Vita” atmosphere. Indeed the Italian delicatessen Nanolita offered a tasting of fresh products: Parmigiano, Pecorino, Coppa Di Parma, and Speck… Nanolita displays in its 11th arrondissement Delicatessen Shop a selection of cheese, pastas, sauces, deli meats and Italian wine. You can also take a sandwich or a meal during the day, and enjoy the lovely sunny terrace.

Nanolita Fleux 10 ans 2


The guests could refresh themselves after eating with a typical Italian cocktail the Spritz, a drink composed of 2 famous ingredients: aperol and ricadonna, sparkling white wine. This “aperitivo” was prepared by the Aperol barman who came for the occasion! 


In the Fleux 2: the Gourmet Canteen Cuisson offered fresh and tasty bites as a reinterpretation of recipes full of memories  ( Poule au Pot, Parisian Beef ) and add new flavors depending on what’s on the market.

Cuissons Fleux 10 ans 2

Cuissons Fleux 10 ans 3

In this same space, you could get a refreshment around a cup of champagne from House Tinéot, composed of 3 different Grape Variety with  refined fresh and fruity signature.

 Champagne Thiénot 10 ans Fleux

Fleux’ 3 will welcome the Japanese exhibition “The Wonder 500” as a part of the “Cool Japan” METI Program. This exhibition promotes the culture of Japanese creative industries overseas. The exhibition also offered a tasting of different juice and traditional products like squeezed dekopon, sake, plum alcohol and Soy Beans. This selection of this “The Wonder 500” labeled items will be displayed during the time of Paris Design Week. 

Champagne Thienot 10 ans Fleux

Colorova Fleux 10 ans 2

Colorova Fleux 10 ans 

Nubio Fleux 10 ans 2

Nubio Fleux 10 ans

 Fleux 10 ans Soirée