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Invincible Été : Portrait

"Un Invincible Été"…Expression of Albert Camus on the one hand, pretty French brand making its letters of nobility to the cyanotype herbarium on the other hand. One in the other, there emerges an impression of nature an eternal sunshine at home. Meeting with its co-creator, who join forces with the French wallpaper publisher, Paper mint for a collection of stripes presented exclusively at Fleux.

Atelier Toit - behind the scenes

Nature and art at the heart of the new label: Atelier Toit. Once again, the passion for wood is very present, the purity of the simple becomes beautiful. While taking up the true spirit of Studio Roof, this very young brand, presented exclusively at Fleux, works with birch wood to go further in the creative process of wall art.

Summer closing FAQ

We answer all your questions about the summer closure of our office and stores. Have a nice summer ! 

Screen, a versatile pendant light

Let yourself be inspired by these interpretations of the Screen pendant light... By this sculptural creation, combining contemporary silhouette and openwork volume. Between minimalist and mismatched influences, the luminaire is easily deployed in your home around a soothing atmosphere.

Japandi style

Japandi, a beautiful contraction of Japon and Scandinavia to illustrate this minimal trend. It oscillates between Scandinavian comfort and Japanese aesthetics. Your interior has never been so minimalist.

Women's portraits

Highlighting a prism of feminity as vast as the creation one, we present eight women immersed in the world of design and decoration. An effervescence of passion for works and homes full of character, soul and freedom. 

Rendezvous with love

There is always a good reason to celebrate love and passion, let us not deny ouselves for Valentine's Day. Every year, on 14 February, we make a small effort and remind "our half" how much we love him / her ! 

The colors of 2021

The Pantone colours for 2021 are finally unveiled! This year Pantone designates not one, but two colors: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, a combination of a familiar gray and the bright yellow of the lemon skin. A marriage of two colors that, together, convey a message of strength and hope that is both lasting and edifying.

"New Year, New Me"

The New Year’s greetings done, we wake up from this bubble of festivities. The fateful moment of the assessment of the past year has now come and we are faced with the resolutions left behind in the rollercoaster that was 2020. What if we embarked on a different ride this year? Why don't we just let go of all the drastic programs?

Gift guide : For the Romantics

By these gift ideas suggested or to suggest, your tea times will no longer have the same flavor... From a perfume in the rose - Morning with dried flowers, romanticism is not dead, on the contrary. With an open heart, we are about to fly off to pastel horizons, to savour the end of the year, like a piece of sugar melting under the tongue.

Gift guide : For the Minimalists and Hygge adepts !

Adept of sober and elegant pieces, the minimalism of the Scandinavian-looking pieces, are both contemporary and timeless. In love with the beautiful materials, the purity of the lines, they rely on classic values, coupled with the little note of extravagance that hits the spot.

How to choose the right lighting?

Winter and its decrease in brightness having been well and settled, here are our golden rules to choose your luminaires! Woven or in natural materials, without forgetting frosted glass and gleaming metals, these flagship models give your interiors the opportunity to regain the clear and warm atmosphere essential to the season!

Gift guide: For Green Warriors

Because they are artisanal, made in France, organic, durable, cruelty-free and/or because they promote a more natural way of life in general, these products bring together so many small gestures to build a better world, while pleasing one of your loved ones. What more could you ask for?

Earth of expression

Prenant à contre-pied un quotidien marqué d’ornements, d'enjolivements, on en revient à la terre. S’aventurant dans un retour aux sources, vers une matière plus brute, maniée dans un esprit tantôt graphique, tantôt muséal, on introduit une atmosphère d’atelier d’artiste chez soi

Retro futuristic odysssey

Bienvenue à bord d’un voyage expérimental, déconcertant. Au cœur d’une bulle tout de pastel aux allures de bubble-gum, pénétrez dans un univers éclectique, à la dimension onirique, presque psychédélique...