Retro-futuristic odyssey

Welcome aboard an experimental, disconcerting journey. At the heart of a pastel gum bubble, enter an eclectic universe, with a dreamlike, almost psychedelic dimension. With a hint of madness, give in to the old-fashioned charm of these creations tinged with a regressive palette inspired by the 1950s... Let yourself be captivated by the creative energy of designers who balance nostalgia and boost towards a future full of lightness. Break out of the mould, choose freedom and the unconventional. Radiate your everyday life with unexpected shapes and colourful vintage aesthetics, transposed into a most curious modernist vision.



  1. &klevering (8)
  2. Bloomingville (1)
  3. ENOstudio (8)
  4. Ferm Living (1)
  5. Hay (29)
  6. HK Living (3)
  7. Monk & Anna (3)
  8. Octaevo (4)
  9. Petite Friture (1)
  10. Poppykalas (2)
  11. Sticky Lemon (1)
  12. Volta (3)

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