La belle échappée

The departure in the early morning. The eyelids still heavy. The latch of the suitcases closed not without difficulty on our stuff, on our foggy minds and our grind of the past weeks. We are hopeful: that of finishing all the pocket books we have brought with us, of tasting the salt of the iodized beaches, of putting on our combat hiking boots. We spend off on the way to summer. A little sweat to catch your plane on the fly, to retrace your steps grabbing the parasol forgotten in the garage in passing... We slip away on vacation. Guessing games, quick reading of our freshly horny travel guides or music and popular songs… We hit the road with a thousand and one bags on our feet, a crazy dog ​​for happy company. We stop over, at lunch, between vinegar crisps and an improvised sandwich, already dreaming of busy evenings, hot sand, future memories.

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