Cookies policy

Last update: January 23, 2019

In order to protect your personal data, we are committed to ensuring the highest level of protection in accordance with the European and French regulations applicable to it in terms of personal data protection.

For any information on the protection of personal data, you can also visit the website of the Commission Informatique et Liberté


Who are we?

Fleux S.A.R.L., and we process your personal data as data controllers.

Postal address: 39 rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie, 75004 Paris

Email of our Data Protection Officer:

Why do we use your personal data?

Among other purposes, we will use your data (obtained online on or physically in our Parisian physical stores) to manage your registration as a user, manage the purchase of products or services, answer your questions and send personalized communications if you have indicated your wish to receive them.

We will process some of your data based on the products, services or features you want to have at any time. In general, these are:

- Your identification data: surname, first name, language, country, contact details, etc.

- Payment information: payment data (not kept), information on your purchases, orders, returns, etc.

- Connection, geolocation and navigation data;

- Business information: subscription to newsletters;

When we ask you to enter your personal data to allow your access to one of the features or services of the platform, do not forget that some boxes will be marked as mandatory, since this is data we need to provide the service in question or to allow you to access this feature. Thus, if you decide not to provide us with this data, it is possible that your registration as a user cannot be successfully concluded or that you will not be able to take advantage of these services or features.

Your data is used to:

- Manage your registration as a user of or as part of the Fleux loyalty program (in-store). If you decide to register in-store or on our website, we will need to process your data to identify you as a user and allow you to access the different types of features, products and services that are available to you as a registered user. You can delete your user account by contacting us via the Customer Service.

- Implementing and executing the purchase contract or services entered into in-store or on our website. This data will allow us to contact you for updates or communications of information concerning the products or services, including the sending of quality surveys on the services or products provided (information on the availability of items, send invoices, etc.).

- Manage payment for purchased products or services. Your banking data will be kept by our partner Adyen, a payment platform, in order to be able to carry out the payment of your order, as well as to make possible refunds. Your bank data are not stored by Fleux.

- Prevent possible fraud against our site or yourself.

- Respond to requests made through the Customer Service channels. Only the data strictly necessary to manage or resolve your request.

- Send commercial communications, such as newsletters. If you are a subscriber to our newsletter, we will process your personal data to manage your subscription, including sending targeted information about our products or services (based on your purchase history). Any commercial use (sending newsletters for example) is made only with your agreement (tick «I want to receive newsletters»). You can change your preferences at any time (on the “My Account” page) to avoid this commercial use.

- Implement promotional actions. For access to specific promotional offers (Private Sales, contests, etc.) your data will be used to give you access or to communicate through various means.

- Analyze ergonomics and quality for the improvement of our services. By accessing our website, you are informed. We will process your browsing data for analysis and statistical purposes, to understand how users interact with our site, so that we can improve it.

Your personal data will be processed as long as you retain the status of user of the site, subscriber to the loyalty program, or subscriber to our communications. You can unsubscribe at any time via the «my account» page of the site, or by contacting our Customer Service. Bank data are not retained.

Who do we share your data with?

We share your data with service providers who help us or provide the necessary support, whether they are external employees with whom we have an agreement, located in the European Union.

Access to your personal data is permitted to third parties that we use to provide you with certain services, namely:

-Financial institutions

-Fraud detection and prevention entities

-Technology Service Providers

-Suppliers and collaborators of logistics, transport and delivery services

-Service providers related to customer service

-Marketing and advertising service providers and collaborators

Your rights

You have the right to access, rectify and delete your personal data. In some cases, you also have other rights, such as the right to object to the processing of your data or the right to portability. To exercise your right to access, rectify or delete your personal data, please contact our Customer Service at

If you have given us your consent to the processing of your data for any purpose, you also have the right to withdraw it at any time, via the "my account" page or by contacting our Customer Service directly.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on your PC, phone or other device to collect data about your browsing on that site.Cookies are necessary to make browsing easier and more pleasant. They do not cause any damage to your computer.

For what purposes are cookies used on this website?

Cookies are an essential part of how our website works. The main purpose of our cookies is to optimize your browsing experience. For example, they allow you to remember your preferences (language, country, etc.) during navigation and during subsequent accesses.

The data collected through Cookies allow us to improve our site, by making estimates of numbers and usage patterns, by adapting the site to the interests of each user, by speeding up searches, etc.

We may occasionally, with your prior consent, use cookies, tags or other similar devices to obtain information that enables us to show you, either from our website, or from third-party websites or by any other means, targeted ads based on your browsing habits.

For what purposes are Cookies NOT used on this website?

We do not store sensitive personal information, such as your address, password, credit or debit card data, etc, in the Cookies we use.

How can I avoid the use of cookies on this website?

If you do not wish to use cookies on this website within the above limits, you must first disable the use of Cookies in your browser and then delete the Cookies stored on your browser associated with this website.

You can perform this operation at any time.

What cookies are used on this site and for what purposes?

You will find below a table indicating the cookies, tags or other similar devices used on this site, as well as the purpose, duration and management mode (internal or third party cookies) of each of them.

                            Cookies and and technical personalization





User identification

They are used to identify and authenticate the user. In addition, they contain technical data relating to the user session such as, for example, the connection wait time, the session ID, etc.



Identification of the session

They identify the user’s http session. They are common to all web applications in order to identify user requests during a session.



Satus of navigation

They are used to identify when the user is on the web (start of the session, first page, first access, scroll status, voting status, etc.).



User choices

They store session criteria selected by the user, such as store, language, currency, products, size, etc.



Favorites and last choices made

They make it possible to save the user’s favorites (certain products, for example) or the last choices made (stores, products, acceptance of the installation of cookies, etc.) for future access to the site.



Shopping cart

They store the information relating to the shopping cart, as well as the identification data of the user linked to it.




They manage changes between domain (protocol) secure (https) and unsecured (http)



Cookies for browsing analysis





Google Analytics (__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmd, __utmv, __utmz, _ga...)

They make it possible to track the site through the Google Analytics tool, which is a service provided by Google to obtain data on users' access to websites. Some of the recorded data are then analysed. This is the case in particular with the following data: frequency of access to a user’s site, dates of the first and last visit of the user, duration of visits, page from which the user accessed the site, search engine used to access it or a link to which it clicked to access it, place of the world from which the user accessed the site, etc. The configuration of these cookies is predetermined by the service offered by Google and the information generated by the cookie concerning the use of our website will be transmitted and stored by Google, Inc (a company based in the United States).

We therefore advise you to consult the Google Analytics Privacy Policy,, to obtain more information about these cookies and how to disable them (with the understanding that we are not responsible for the content or accuracy of third-party sites).


Third parties